Welcome to Question time! A game of Australian politics, political history, intrigue and rat cunning. Every player has a chance to win whether you have been cabinet minister, a student of political science, a member of the press, a regular punter or just voted in your first election. This is politics, the idea is not to be nice to your opponents but to beat them – at any cost – just like the real thing!

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Object of QuestionTime! is to reach the Frontbench and present three Acts to the Parliament. The first player or team to do so is the winner.

An Act of Parliament consists of three Bill Cards of the same portfolio. For example, three Environment Bill Cards equals one Environment Act; three Treasury Bill Cards equals one Treasury Act etc.

The Game Board resembles the lower house of the Australian Parliament (the House of Representatives). It is divided into the Backbenches and the Frontbench. Both a dice and the Spin Doctor are used to move players around the board.

Anyone Can Win this Game Players do not need to be experts in Australian politics or political history to win. Timing, strategy, luck and rat cunning can be employed to outmanoeuvre opponents and win the game. There are two levels of questions — Star Recruit and Questions Without Notice. The latter are generally multiple choice.

“A fast game’s a good game.” The rule book is set out to be an easy reference for players as the game proceeds. Of course, rules are made to be broken so you can deviate if you wish, as long as all players agree to any rule changes.

A Shorter Version In the tradition of old-time board games, QuestionTime! has been designed to be played over an entire afternoon or evening with plenty of good food and drink. If, however, you want a quicker game we suggest the first person to pass one Act of Parliament wins the game.

QT! Fast and Furious Get the kids involved – let them use an electronic device to search the web for answers – but the clock’s ticking – they only get 90 seconds.


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