Whadd’ya Reckon?

The game of twisted “would you rather” scenarios that will leave you questioning everything.
Read out a card and you must pick either A or B… suicide is not an option!

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Everyone starts with a set of A and B voting cards. Pick a player to be the “Reader of the Cards”. If in doubt just let the bossy person do it – It’ll make them feel important but is basically just extra work. Alternatively, rotate around and take turns reading a card each round. The very important “Reader of the Cards” will now pick a card and read it out loud. Everyone may now argue over the different meanings of the question, the possible hypothetical outcomes and any other semantics they feel necessary to explore. When everyone is ready, they must cast a vote for either A or B at the same time. Suicide is never an option, and if someone refuses to pick an option, the group must “Boo!” them for being an indecisive little bitch. Continue reading cards and becoming more disturbed at your friend’s choices until someone gets hungry. Then order pizza, or don’t. We don’t care.

RRP $50

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