Name & Shame

A truly messed up voting game that’s sure to upset everyone. Read out a card, wait 3 seconds, then vote for one of your friends and Name and Shame them straight to their face! This game is savage!


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Each player chooses a player card and places it face up in front of them. This will be used for voting purposes for when you vote for each other. Each player also needs a set of voting cards, ensuring they have 10 unique voting cards. Pick a player to be the “Reader of the Cards”. If in doubt just let the bossy person do it – It’ll make them feel important but is basically just extra work. If no one wants to be in charge, take turns reading out one card at a time. The very important “Reader of the Cards” will now pick a card and read it out loud. Everyone is given 3 seconds, as the “Reader of the Cards” counts out “3,2,1 VOTE” and each player holds up their voting card for who they choose. Alternatively, if you’re feeling extra savage, simply point to the fucker’s face. If you want to play anonymously, first grow some balls, and then place your voting card face down on the table. Shuffle the cards and reveal the votes all at once. Everyone else judges whoever is picked and laughs. As an optional extra, each player who has been voted for is entitled to 20 seconds to argue why the person who voted for them is wrong. If by some miracle, you manage to convince another player their vote was wrong, they have 3 seconds to cast a re-vote. Each time you get picked, keep a tally in your head. The first person to 10 points wins for being the worst among your shitty friends. Continue reading cards and casting votes until someone storms off in anger or breaks down in tears.

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